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Our company is dealing with thermal insulation for instance technical insulation, acoustic insulation and industrial insulation.  Our employees carry out orders all over the Europe and as well in Poland. From more than 10 years we are improving in our proffesionb and we work only on best materials.


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    Technical Insulation

    Insulation materials dedicated to protection and prevention of technical equipment against influence of outdoor factors, conducting  technological conditions essential  for running aperture  exploitation and insulation , alternatively conducting desired thermal conditions for transported or magazine working factors in these insulation. Technical insulation used in insulation and devices may served as : thermal protection( in low and high temperatures ) […]

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    Industrial Insulation

    We offer  You industrial  insulation : tanks pipelines industrial fitting flue and air ditch pots turbines And other devices and apparatus , which is bindes with them. In an industrial insulation we have long experience, which let us to professionally  fulfill before mentioned duties. Our insulation offers are used by industrial companies , chemical, electric power and […]

  • Acoustic Insulation

    Among the factors which have important influence on quality of life huge meaning has acoustic comfort.  Performance of our work as well as tiredness which appears  during  dealing with daily duties depends on  noise level, which we are in danger of.  That is why by finalization offices or living spaces  we use soundproof materials. Appropriately […]

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    Izolacje domowe en

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